Monday, May 01, 2006

The top 3 things that have kept me from blogging recently

Been busy, hasn’t been writing. I’m sure everyone’s all saddened about it. The truth is I’m leaving for 2 months this Saturday and while I plan to write extensively during my second annual Holiday, most of it will be on primitive media such as paper. I’ll put a major post announcing my destination and route within the week, but until then here’s what I’ve been feeling recently.

3) Brick, Inside Man: Two excellent Hollywood movies that deserve your dollar at the box office. Newcomer Rian Johnson directs his like a classic film noir but wisely makes the most of the highschool milieu by adding just enough quirks so that the whole thing feels real and becomes more than a simple style exercise. Spike Lee meanwhile delivers his most focused and noteworthy film since The 25th Hour with an excellent heist caper which entertains from beginning to end. If you haven’t, go see them.

2) Dragonforce: I never thought I’d get into power metal, but I downloaded their debut Valley Of The Damned on a whim and fell in love with their combination of virtuosity and over the top execution to pl. The attitude is key here: everyone knows that this stuff is over the top but instead of just acting ironic about it like every other group of Pitchforkesque retro douchebags, Dragonforce actually have the balls ay it straight and let the laughs come naturally instead of getting all cool about it. These guys are fun, talented and way more original than half of these hipster bands out there. Plus according to my brother they’re swell people and put on a hell of a good show.

1) My attempt to make peace with the 80’s: No, I haven’t started listening to Duran Duran, Whitesnake, Madonna or any of the other stuff I hate with a passion, but my collection of 80’s music has grown by leaps and bounds recently. All things considered, the alternative movement that made the 90’s so great started Underground back in the decade of decadence and while the radio fare may be musical diarrhea, there’s more than enough gems hidden just bellow the surface. A recent sampling: The Violent Femmes, Cocteau Twins, Tom Waits, The Stone Roses, Sade, The Police. A weird lineup for certain but what the hell.


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