Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'm not quite dead yet! - Monty Pithon

NO, Homeland security didn't abduct me and send me to Gitmo after that last post, I've just been enjoying my vacation throughout Canada. Toronto was great: got to visit their wide variety of eateries and meet the legendary Mindbender, overlord of the Toronto Rap scene. I got a whole bunch of mainstream Chinese DVDs in Pacific mall and generally had a good time. Fun city, even if it lacked a bit in terms of culture. At least it made up for it in with a truly multicultural environment (authentic Jerk Chicken=good).

After a strenuous three day bus ride through Canada including the hostile North of Ontario, the looooooooonnnng plains and the magnificent Rockies, we were in Vancouver. Phil didn't take to the trip quite as much as I did and won't be repeating it the other way back. Oh well. Van-City is officially the place in Canada I want to move whenever all of this crazy school/teaching/travelling business is done. Laid back locals, the best weed I've ever smoked, a TON of coffee and 10$ Sushi that's actually VERY good. Oh, and it has'nt rained yet, all the junkies are on Skid Row and out of the way and I saw more Chinese people in Toronto. Even the rent wasn't THAT bad so this is clearly a trap to keep us away. Lots to do in the city as we went to Stanley Park (incredible), Wreck Beach (Clothing optional+hot college girls=yay!), record stores, the Marijuana Party store, a movie (Art School confidential) and tons of pubs. The hostel we were at also had the best breakfast I've had in years for the low low price of nothing.

Since then, we've been to Victoria (slightly odd...) and Nanaimo (small but this hostel is a lot of fun). Phil is heading back to Montreal by plane next week whereas I'll be hanging around here for another 2 weeks until June 3rd. What's on June third? My bus ticket to the Yukon opens up and I get to head there and back for the truly adventurous part of this trip! I'm looking forward to it so much I kind of dread loitering around Kelowna valley until then, but whatever, it should be all in good fun. Once I'm back from the Yukon (think June 11-14ish), I'll take a day or 2 to recover from all the bussing (ugh. long) and with fully stocked supplies I'll head back to our fair city of Montreal and make plans for St-Jean (Quebec City anyone?), Fantasia (beer anyone?) and August (either Eastern Canada or a job depending on my wallet).

And so goes life on the road. Leave comments if you read this since I'm wondering how you're all doing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool d'avoir de tes nouvelles!

Yukon? T'es la première personne que je connais qui ira au Yukon! Ah ah! :)


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