Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The second annual Jewish reggae Passover post!

     I feel really smug now that this blog is approaching its 2 year mark. However, thanks to the wacky Jewish calendar, before I even get to celebrate that I get to repeat last year’s well received Jewish reggae post. Obviously I’m not talking about Matisyahu or any drivel of the sort, but rather Rastafarian songs that deal with Israelites or Israel (which I guess that Rastas have also pegged as the Holy Land). A couple of you might even remember that I went ahead and uploaded some of these during the high holidays which would make this the 3rd over all installment. But that would make you nerds.

This year’s pick comes in the form of Augustus Pablo’s Zion High instrumental from his King David’s Melody. Obviously there’s no lyrical shoutouts to the war plagued country, but the song and album title alone combined with the Spaghetti-western-klezmer-dub music that makes up the track totals for a more than worthy addition to the series. The entire album is a great listen and some of the tracks should definitely find their way onto film soundtracks if anyone has half an ear for suitably dramatic material.

Augustus Pablo – Zion High


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