Friday, April 07, 2006

Cuban Linx II news update

I spent all this time hyping up Fishscale and when it came out I didn’t even bother to review it, probably because everyone and their mother were reiterating how hot it was and I didn’t feel the need to add another blog review to the cluttered mess that has become “Ghostface appreciation month”. That said, I loved the album and went and bought it last week (contributing to crucial second week sales) and I honestly believe the stage is set for a genuine return to form for Wu-Tang after the excellent Grandmasters and Fishscale projects. The crown juel however is undoubtedly Raekwon’s Cuban Linx II project and this update from Rza makes it very clear that Wu-Tang Clan…well… they ain’t nuthin to fuck with.

RZA released some exclusive information on Cuban Linx II to Wu-Tang Corp today. RZA promises the fans it will be a real classic, Raekwon is said to be in his most murderous vibe of writing and the songs are coming along lovely. The whole Clan (minus the late ODB) is confirmed to appear on the album. The next street single after the well accepted "State Of Grace" will probably be the RZA produced "Secret Inditement". Although RZA is sceptical about outside producers making the final cut, there are a few that have a good chance of getting on there. With respect to the late J.Dilla, the song "House Of The Flying Daggers" is a candidate for the album. Scram Jones has also shopped his beats to Raekwon and RZA. The one producer everyone is wondering about however is Dr.Dre. RZA and Dre were in the studio last week together going through a mass amount of beats. So far, according to RZA there are 3 songs produced by Dre that both Raekwon and RZA are feeling heavily. These three songs are recorded, mixed and done! One of the songs features Raekwon, Busta Rhymes and RZA together over a booming Dre beat! Whether this song will make the album is still uncertain. Raekwon however is confirmed for the Busta Rhymes album and RZA says the new Busta album is absolutely crazy. The song featuring Stevie Wonder is his absolute favorite and he urges all Wu fans to cop that album and support Busta who is also a very close and loved brother to the Clan. Furthermore RZA said hes very happy for Ghost to get the respect and first week sales he received for "Fishscale". He added that "if people liked the Ghostface album, they are gonna LOVE the Cuban Linx part II album." The Wu-Tang is getting ready to strike again

J Dilla did the beat to House of Flying Daggers? That NEEDS to be on there. In case you haven’t heard, that’s one of the earliest songs that Raekwon mentioned in the recording and rumors are it’s along the lines of an early Wu posse cut. As for the Dr Dre stuff, I’m rather ambivalent. Dre beats are never bad but they’re generally too clean for this kind of album and 3 of them sound like a bit much. Hopefully they make the Busta Rhymes album instead, an album that could benefit from that sort of thing. As for Scram Jones…sure, whatever as long as Rza mixes it down. The man’s beats always came off as something from Alchemist’s little brother but they aren’t bad per say. With Rza involved to such a large extent anyways, it simply a question of making the album fit together.

Oh and am I the only one who found that Ghost compliment slightly backhanded? Ghost and Rza need to make amends and get to collaborating, stat.


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