Monday, March 06, 2006

The good the bad and the ugly at the Oscars

The Good

  • George Clooney winning something and delivering a great speech. I have a hard time anyone on earth can hate George Clooney. The man pretty much lives out his Danny Ocean character 24/7 now.

  • Wallace and Gromit wins! Suck it you 12 year old emo-goth Corpse Bride fans!

  • David Letterman’s appearance in the opening montage

  • Jon Stewart referring to Martin Scorcese not having a fucking shelf full of these things yet.

  • Three 6 Mafia bay-bee!!!!! I can’t believe that these guys won and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not even a huge fan but the last time an underground style of music got exposed on the Oscars was Oh Brother where art thou and you saw the kind of sales that thing got off the exposure. Now I’m sure middle aged white folks won’t be out bumping so fly but it’s still great for them.

  • Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Terrence Howard, Three Six Mafia, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson. That’s a big night for Hiphop and black people in general. Good to see the Oscars move away from being whitey’s night, if only because all of the above deserve the spotlight.

  • Brokeback Mountain winning for best score. That thing is catchy as hell, admit it.

  • Ang Lee dedicating a movie about gay cowboys to his traditional Taiwanese dad.

  • Jack Nicholson, as always.

  • The Altman tribute

  • Those spoof voter ads. Cordry at the Oscars!

  • Rachel Weisz’ dignified acceptance speech.

  • The South African director shouting viva and delivering the night’s non-rap related exhuberance.

  • Three 6 Mafia won…I mean HOLY SHIT! Their speech was great too.

The Bad

  • Memoires of a Geisha winning repeatedly? What the fuck man? That movie is shit in a reel-can.

  • Memoires of a Geisha winning best costume and the designer having the audacity to thank Japan.

  • Crash wins best picture. Although I don’t hate it as much as some of my friends, there really were better films this year.

  • Jon Stewart’s monologue falling flat. It’s their fault not yours Johnny.

  • Did I mention that Geisha movie?

  • Reese Witherspoon’s vapid rambling acceptance speech.

The Ugly

  • Well…it’s the Oscars. Everyone’s looking good.

  • Lauren Bacall messing up the film noir intro.

  • The repeated plees to get people into the theaters. It just came off as desperate. Make good movies and people will go see them. Make Dukes of Hazard and I’ll stay home thank you.

  • Paul Haggis’ continuing domination of the Oscars.

  • Ben Stiller’s stupid green screen shtick.

  • Will Ferrel and Steve Carell’s stupid makeup shtick.

  • Carell should have referenced Jon or something. Jeez.

  • People trying to convince us this was a great year in film because the stuff was heavy and serious. Meanwhile I’m enjoying incredible innovative stuff out of Asia that’s simultaneously innovative, entertaining, thought provoking…and not featured here.


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