Thursday, March 30, 2006

Concordia Student Election organizers and their shitty commercials

Stop pushing your democratic process during the Daily Show. I think I saw your god damned shitty commercial 3 times in 30 minutes. Did you know you guys actually have a film school? I’m sure there’s SOMEONE in there wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours making sure your commercial doesn’t look like utter ass. Then again, sure is such a strong word, the film students don’t actually have time to waste on useless crap like this which is probably why I can’t find a single person who gives a shit about the election.

Internet thugs

XXLMags’ bloggers take themselves too damned seriously. What’s with the e- ice grilling guys? Afraid people will realize you’re nerds like the every other music writer? It’s pretty funny to read the vague threats at the bottom of their posts, if only for the fact that you know half of those guys were bumping Mos Def singles in 98. Then again, Elliot Wilson’s Ghostface sample report was cool. Still, even if the guy’s behind the biggest rap rag out there (say hi to Fiddy!) it still doesn’t make his online stuff any better than a glorified audioblog. Meanwhile DJ Sickamore’s assertion that he represents everyone born in the 80’s is highly dubious: we’re not all talentless douchebags latching on to other people’s trends and talent.

Southern Hiphop albums

I enjoy southern rap singles but I have zero interest in sitting through T.I’s album. Unless the on wax drug dealer expresses remorse (Ghostface) or some sign of pathological nihilism (The Clipse), I’m probably tired of it. Speaking of which, I should have a long delayed Ghostface review up tomorrow and perhaps a little commentary on the new Clipse single. But until then, I’ll stick with jazz loops and boasts and leave this generation’s hair-metal to da kids.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about all urban white people, just those with studded belts, asymmetrical haircuts, tight jeans and a blind obedience to whatever the trend of the moment is. Typically these people have zero personality and zero taste in anything but you’ll inevitably find some of them at every interesting event by sheer coincidence that they found a worthwhile band to latch on too. Fuckin tools.

The Mission Impossible III trailers

My god what a shitty looking movie. Tom Cruise has slowly but surely morphed from that annoying midget that women inexplicably liked to the single most puncheable face in the western hemisphere. I wish the man really WAS blown back first into a car door by an explosion.


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