Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Thanks for the good times

Special shoutout to everyone who helped celebrate my born-day this week. Much fun was had, many blunts smoked and much alcohol consumed…maybe too much of the last in some people’s case. Either way, I’m gonna let my liver relax a little bit in the next few days. It seems like a wise decision.


Yes, in case you didn’t notice, my first review is up on Ohword. I’m so proud. Leave intelligent comments relating to Public Enemy. Perhaps even something controversial. My next one should be hopefully up next week and if not, week after next. I’m also kicking around some ideas for something a little longer but that’s nowhere near ready yet.

Some more on J Dilla

I never realized how much of my favorite music has been made by this man. While the aforementioned Ohword dropped a huge tribute including links to every possible internet dedication of note, I want to leave y’all with this post, scooped off the Okayplayer boards.

J Dillas funeral was sad, yet Beautiful!!!

I just got home from Dillas funeral,and although I'm sad to see the brother gone,I know he was impressed by the people who payed homage! People like Common (of course),Q-Tip,Erykah Badu,Pete Rock,Amp Fiddler,Ali Shaheed Muhammed & Phife Dog(who both sat directly behind me) Karrem Riggins,Wajeed,B.R.Gunna,Madlib,J-Roc,Busta Rhymes,Xzibit,Dialated Peoples,a lot of House DJ's like Ron Trent and Dj Spinna,and a host of others whom I did'nt see or could'nt notice(like the Infamous DOOM,who was there but I forgot what he looks like widdout the mask!So that **** really does work!!!lol)When I got there(fifteen to two)I was given one of the dopest Programs ever in funeral history!Complete with a Poem from his Ma'Dukes ,His Story,His Biography,Tributes from Rasheed(Common),Karrem,T3,his patna Dank,and his baby moms.Various pictures w/friends and Dillas Discography complete with Mc credits,Prodution credits by year from 93'to 06'. As I sat down I could'nt believe my ears when this Dilla instrumental came on and played faintly in the front of the church.The instrumental was the one off of Welcome to Detroit track #9 Brazzilan Groove (which is personally my favorite,I played that song one day last year in my ladies car bak to back twelve times in a row,one day!). The CD they played also included songs off Fantastic vol. 2 like Players,Raise it up,and a lot of others with Comments from Com,Pete,T3 and more. The Reverend Perry Sparks gave a Beutiful sermon/Eulogy. The Cementary itself was breathtaking!You had to drive allllllllllllll the way to the top of this hill and when you got to the top you could see miles and miles of green pasture.The funeral was closed casket,but there was a small "shrine" with Dillas personal belongings(Mix equipment,jacket,Detriot"D"hat,a belt buckle that said "WEED"on it, and a couple blizzunts)The only thing that did'nt go as plan(as far as I could tell)was there was supposed to be a Soulquarian Tribute being sung by D'Angelo and Bilal,but when it was announced for them to come to the alter and perform D'Angelo was nowhere in sight,if they got to perform that song Dilla would have cried tears from heaven.It's funny sometimes to hear older gentlmen speak,like when the Reverend said "the Roots" he pronounced it "the Ruttz" and also pronounced "bilal" "B-lil",I thought I was the only one who thought that was funny ,till I heard Ali,and Phife chuckle behind me.Although it was a sad moment to see Black Thought walking through the crowd outside giving pounds to Busta and Phife,It was also real to see him, see Questlove for the first time of the day,and stop and hug him and cry wholeheartedly in Quest chest as Quest embraces his brother!When it was time for the Intement to lay Brother Dilla in the earth,I looked to the sky and witnessed a plane making a gigantic heart next to one it just made.Now I know it was Valentines Day but that moment seemed too surreal for it to be coincidence.Well I'm outta here I got some catchin'up to do with my girl,but I was giving all of you who could'nt make it cuz you were snowed in or whatever reason you could'nt attend the scoop on Dilla who died a legend like Marvin Gaye,last week tuesday was that mans birthday and his album(Donuts)came out on the same day,he passed that Friday and his funeral was this tuesday on Valentines Day!!!Go figure.PEACE and LOVE to Mrs.Yancey and family and friends.

Rest in peace Jay Dee and rest assured that your time on this earth has left an impact on millions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats deep shit. When i heard 'Wont Do' for the first time i shed a few tears. He recognised his talent and did his best to get as much as he could out there..Just like Pac.
Hes a real inspiration. I can imagine pac, dilla, big nd dem pumpin heavens floors :)

6:27 PM  
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