Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Exciting news ahead

Well, not for you. And not in this post.

But it’s true that I have a couple of exciting projects and opportunities of various importance in the works, some which may be revealed as soon as next week and others that may take a few months to come to fruition. Suffice to say that these sidequests will result in numerous experience points to be spent on various of my many attributes. Lord knows strength and charisma could use a boost.

Oscar news

So the Oscar nominations are announced, here’s all you need to know: they’re really boring. Hollywood’s masturbatory ceremony has always rewarded the safe-yet-grandiose statements but these picks are so stuffy they could be…uh…stuffed…or something. Anyways they’re really boring. I honestly don’t care who wins in any category except for one: Three 6 Mafia have got to win song of the year. Seriously, to have satanic southern underground crunk producers (one with a gimp arm) walking onstage and doing a speech would redeem the whole fucking thing. This is the academy’s chance to make up for not rewarding the South Park movie a few years ago.

Go Steelers

It surprises people, but I really enjoy football. It’s a strategic game which involves people ramming into each other and that talks directly to the manly instincts in my cerebral cortex. Plus it helps that living in Montreal, I can enjoy it without being surrounded by throngs of moronic sports fans. It’s a pretty exclusive fancruft so to speak. With that in mind, it’s with much joy that I await the victory of my favorite team, The Pittsburg Steelers at the Superbowl next Sunday. Last year was tremendously disappointing but this is it: ROFLburger will triumph. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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