Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So happy Together...

Happy Together Soundtrack - Download

I survived Valentine’s Day. The most accursed day dedicated to a Saint. Patrick’s day is so much better; at least it’s centered on making the sober feel bad rather than the single. So how did I do it? Well, I succeeded mostly by studying for a Chinese history exam and by watching the above.

Happy Together is the original homosexual love story directed by a straight Asian guy. Except without the cowboys and somehow a lot less gay. Regardless of how you feel about the movie though, the soundtrack has got a lot of dope music. Let's run the list: South American pop, Frank Zappa freakout, Frank Zappa love-song parody, Tango music, live South-American recordings, soundtrack music and of course...a cover of "Happy Together". It's pretty eclectic and doesn't necessarily make sense together if you haven't seen the movie but then again, the fun of stuff like this is hearing a buffet's worth of songs. So yeah, call it audio Dim-sum.

I strongly endorse this: Seeing broke gay people get mad and break up is about as good a way to get one's mind off of Valentines day as possible and baring that, a sountrack of ill tunes will do just as well.


Anonymous George P said...

Hey. I just saw this film last night and I was looking for the soundtrack. I was wondering if you'd mind reupping it? Let me know. My e-mail is


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