Friday, February 10, 2006

My Life, My Life My Life.

Rob Cordry’s Daily Show

I guess he’s filling in while Jon Stewart fusses over the newborn. Obviously go to guy now that Colbert’s got his own show, I found him to be pretty funny even if his “Hitler Anne Frank” joke fell flatter than a 12 year old’s tits. He was maybe a little on the overexcited side but no one’s perfect on their first time out, I mean look at Colbert…

Colbert Report funniest show in universe

Seriously. While he occasionally goes over the top in his American rhetoric (it’s a joke…right?) it’s that dedication to the character that makes the show so god damned hilarious. Felicity H Muffman? He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t maintain his composure after that one. While Stewart’s show has become a funny source of information, Colbert now offers a hilarious look at the disinformation that seems to be running through our increasingly retarded (and fucked) planet. It’s chock full of truthiness.

Plus, his interviews are surprisingly good sparring practice, he ain’t a pushover.

I got my Ipod back

WITH VIDEO. After several months of repair limbo I finally got a new Ipod. How did I live without it? I’ve already loaded up 15 gigs worth of music with more on the way.

Top secret project ahead

Involving getting high and editing a parody music video. This is the kind of thing that I usually talk about but never go through with but this time the idea is so appealing that I can’t help but hype it up in an effort to persuade MYSELF to go through with it.


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