Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Slug vs. Pitchfork : fight!

I occasionally dabble in the arcane art of message boarding and while some people push this facet of the internet to nerd-fests of huge proportions, I undoubtedly learn much from my time there. This week featured some interestingly explicit words from indie mogul Sean Slug Daley of Atmosphere towards indie-geeks Pitchfork media. While I’ve called Tom Breihan and Peter Macia (among others) retards, this is the first time I’ve heard accusations of racism and they don’t always wring falsely. Take a look:

"i think the point about pitchfork (and other faux-intellectual music review sites) trying to obtain street cred is an important point. i also think that there is an undertone of racism involved with these review sites. not on some, "hate black people shit." but moreso on some, "we relate to blacks acting like mean mysogynistic, homophobic, shoot gun savages shit." because that's obviously the black experience right? but fuck eminem right? and fuck dead prez right? naw...fuck pitchfork. ps they hate my music over there, so even my review of them is biased. who wins? you do. the consumer. you get to decide where to put your money and your mouth. blah"

An unconvincing opening salvo perhaps (and one supposedly taken out of context), but it was rapidly followed up by even harsher and this time, harder to rebuke words:

say what you want about me and my music. it doesn't negate my point, which by the way, is way out of context on this site. those statements were made during an already ongoing discussion on a different board. they were a response to someone else, not a rant. i stand by the racist theory. mostly because i've met and dialogued with a handful of the writers i was referring to. only thing that unvalidates my opinion is that they do review my work. which means i could have agenda. i respect that. however some of y'all shit on my records way worse than they do, and i don't come out the pocket to call y'all names or discredit your opinions. i respect your opinions. i do not respect these psuedo-intellectual indie rock fucks sucking off young jeezy this year, when last year i met them behind stage trying to sniff coke with their favorite white underground rappers. i do honestly feel that they are accidentaliy perpetuating racism in an effort to be "down." if they understood the streets, and understood what actually makes juelz as dope as he is, maybe i wouldn't feel the way i do. but they don't get it. their world is no where near it. so i don't buy it. they just jump on it because it's funny/exciting to them. i bet they watch the hoodfight dvd's with their buddies, and break down how important it is to pop culture. i bet they tivo "cops." nonetheless, i can't rap for shit, so my opinion don't matter anyway. at least i can respect why a funk docta or an akbar feels how they do. they love hiphop. but seriously... pitchfork? whatevs. peep the new p.o.s., soul position, and brother ali in 2006. can't stop the bumrush.

Damn.  I’ve always suspected those guys of being shady but those are some hurtful, hurtful words. While I’ve assessed that I’m not a fan of Slug’s music (though the chicks at his live show are another story), I do respect the fact that the man built his company from the ground up and they’ve released some very good records. Beyond that, it’s getting harder and harder to look at Pitchfork’s Hiphop phase as just that…something they’ll put down as soon as it’s inconvenient.


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