Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Thoughts on the Palestinian elections

  • If I was Palestinian, I’d probably want the strongest party representing me too.

  • How bad is it when the issues facing Canadian voters are relatively the same as the ones facing voters in 3rd world not-quite-a-country-yets?

  • All things considered, I think I’d vote for Hamas over Harper…and I’m half Jewish.

  • Bush bashing worked for Morales and Hamas, but not for Paul Martin?

  • I’d avoid taking any buses in Tel Aviv or hanging around suspected militants homes in the Gaza strip now…just a heads up.

Yes, I haven’t had much to write about recently. Hopefully I can get off my increasingly fat ass and whip up a New World review soon. Either that or a takehome assignment which is precariously due on Tuesday…so if you get an update about The Couple in the Cage don’t blame me.


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