Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Harry Knowles actually writes a decent top 10 list

I’ve begun to hate year end film lists because they are incredibly drab and boring. Despite my efforts to save the medium with my awesome beacons of truth, most critics seem to have fallen under the delusion that their choices somehow count for the Oscars so they end up promoting the blandest, safest, whitest pieces of PC crap imaginable. I mean in all honesty, how many more times do I need Brokeback Mountain or Crash shoved down my throat? I mean anyone who has any remote interest in those films will have already seen them anyways so why bother? Do you get a free screener or something?

So it’s with much shock that Harry Knowles actually delivered one of the most honest lists out there. You heard right, I actually agree with Harry Knowles. Now the man is perhaps one of the ugliest people whose picture you could google, the biggest geek you could have a Star Trek argument with AND he overhyped Kong. Those are generally no forgive actions in the parlance of our times, but he actually had the balls to promote some unknown, varied and original stuff in his picks and I can respect that. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all that difficult to tell me Match Point and The New World are going to rock and are going to rock and bigging up Myazaki and Chan Wook Park isn’t exactly finding some new unknown talent but at least his scope is wider than the average associated press hack’s. Hell, even Ebert’s list was trite as hell this year as he gave Paul Haggis yet another BJ while trying to pass off 2005 as a great year. So a tip of the hat to the fat man, I’ll check out those samurai and Danish puppet movies…and I’ll even finally give Hustle and Flow a chance.

Sobriety Now

January is a weed-free month for me. While it takes away from the seriousness of my main posts (as if anything praising Harry Knowles could be serious!), I plan on using this space to note my observations.

Day 2: I find myself far more awake and focussed in the mornings even 2 days later. I have had minimal difficulty quitting smoking as of yet, but the real challenge should come later this week when I go back to school and work.


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