Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Good news, the Bad news and the ugly.

Breaking news: Jon Stewart to host Oscars!?!

Well that will get me to watch. I swore I wouldn’t go anywhere near the thing after last years metaphorical kick to Scorsese’s cojones but I guess the academy has found a way to rope me up into their 3+ hour gala of prestige films and shenanigans again. Of course, it helps that I can’t be possibly disappointed by the winner considering the films I really loved this year aren’t anywhere near contention. Actually, scratch that, I will be disappointed, no…FURIOUS if Crash wins. I don’t even hate Crash so much as I believe it to be cheap and overrated. Plus the whole cult-of-Paul-Haggis has got to end.

Ghostface announces album date and releases…a really bad single

Well this is some bitter news. While on the upside The Ghostface Killah has announced that his album will drop February 28th which means I can start counting down the days to 2005’s first great release but on the other hand, the single from the album…sucks. I honestly tried to get behind the soul beat but honestly the overproduced R&B production is on some weak bullshit that just does NOT work. The silver lining is that Ghostface comes correct on the mic even if the whole thing is basically an even wacker retread of his previous crossover attempt Never be the same again. Speaking of which, didn’t anyone notice that it didn’t work the first time? Anyways, if it’s one song on the album it might work but if I hear anything else like this from Fishscale, I’m gonna be mad.

If you want it, find it elsewhere.

Weed sobriety update

Ok, yesterday was real tough. I was both tired and bored which is the perfect condition for a nice little bowl. Thankfully I ended up on MSN for half the night and read for the other half so I’m still holding strong. The current goal is to reach Saturday without dipping into the emergency stash as that would be a complete week off.


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