Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ghostface tracklisting for Fishscale

There’s never anything to review in January.

The investigative journalists over at Fader have been on their grizzly harassing Def Jam raps until they got a tracklisting for the upcoming Fischale album from the one and only Ghostface. While the man hasn’t had an album come out correctly since the millenium on account of sample clearance, I’ve got to admit that the lineup is pretty impressive:

1. Shakey Dog (prod Lewis Parker)2. Kilos feat. Raekwon (prod MoSS)3. Be Easy (prod Pete Rock)4. Charlie Brown (prod MF Doom)5. Barber Shop (prod Studio Steve)6. Big Girl (prod Ghostface)7. Bricks feat. Biggie and Raekwon (prod Cool & Dre)8. Dawn feat. Capadonna (no producer info)9. Back like that feat. Ne-Yo (prod Xtreme)10. Chunky (prod Pete Rock)11. Wu Joint (prod MF Doom)12. Clips of Doom (prod MF Doom)13. Whip You With A Strap (prod J Dilla)14. Dawn feat. Capadonna & Trife (prod MF Doom)15. Rae & Ghost (no producer info)16. Underwater (prod MF Doom)17. Can Can feat. Shawna & Shareefa (prod Ghostface)18. Crackspot (prod Crack Val)19. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)

Now obviously there’s some stuff in there that’s likely to change (for one thing there’s a track title listed twice) but as a whole one can gleam the feel there going for with this album with this one: seems to be a slightly more obtuse yet still light version of the oldschool soul+oldschool Hiphop from the Pretty Tony album. The Biggie collabo is weird, if only because it’s pretty clear that these guys didn’t like each other at the time but I guess a leftover from the blasphemous duets album (I didn’t review that because I’d have to listen to it again) might help sales in the eyes of Def Jam execs. All in all there’s at least 10 or so tracks I’m really interested in hearing here with the potential for more so I expect something at least on par with Ghost’s last album.

In Raekwon related news meanwhile…there’s not much. But the man did speak on Cuban Linx 2 as being the album fans want…not what what I want which is probably a good sign if Rae wanted to put out those last two boring releases. Rza is still apparently on board for most of the project.


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