Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Exclusive : Outkast – Idlewild movie trailer

Well, exclusive to the internet.

I’m really surprised at how cool this movie looks considering how bad the average musician vehicle is 90% of the time. When you think about it, Outkast as a pair of down south blues/musichall musicians in depression era Georgia is about as creative an idea as Hollywood has had in forever and Brian Barber’s visual direction looks interesting. bviously he knows how to highlight the group’s fine points considering he’s been in charge of a good part of their music-video career. The kicker though is that last Andre song at the end of the trailer: while the era of Outkast thoughtfully breaking down life in poetic boom-bap is over, they pretty much have the pop album of the year on lock based on a 20 second snippet of a song alone. DAMN.

I’ll be back later assuming my Dangerdoom review stops ballooning out of control and I can edit that bitch down.


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