Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cuban Linx II details revealed

Really interesting tidbits from Scratch Magazine. The full mag is well worth coping with interesting Mannie Fresh and Prince Paul shit too.

- Rza was supposed to do Meth’s entire album last summer but Meth flew back to NY to write and stopped production. RZA decided to invite the whole clan down to make a Wu-Tang album but only a few people showed up. Cappa, U-God, Meth and Ghostface (who to his defense was nursing a leg injury) were missing. - The people who were there started banging out tracks and GZA and Rae had chemistry in the studio, Gza suggested they make Cuban Linx II as a team and they agreed. Rae literally got back in his hoodies and timbs and got in the grimy mindstate. As of November 25 songs were recorded, most from Rza with Jay Dee (Baggage Handlers probably) and Scram Jones contributing but guaranteed for the album and Dr Dre a possibility. - Ghostface hasn't recorded anything for the project but promised to drop an 11th hour contribution. Rza explained that it's going to be explained in the album's storyline that Rae needed some new cats like Maximilion and Rollie Fingers for his new scheme. Gza said he can never replace Ghost but he's confident that fans will be satisfied once they hear the results. - The album was still in its extremely rough stages but Scratch said it still sounds better than anything the Clan has released post Supreme Clientele. While Scratch said they're reassured Rza said he's not going to be satisfied until it's perfect. He says that it's going to come together with the skits and everything. He also noted that he never plays his music early for anyone but made an exception for this to show that he's dead serious about this album. - The Masters to the original Cuban Linx were all lost in a second flood in 1995 (!!!!)- Some track rundowns... (4 out of the 13 Scratch heard that in they opinion better make the final cut. They also review State of Grace but you know that's dope.) Thug World (all track titles subject to change) prod Rza Raekwon: "Thug world is one of them ill hooligan tracks. A throwing chairs type of beat. Rza had to give us one those "Wu-Tang clan ain't nothin to fuck with" type beats. Scratch says: it's in the vein of Run. It'll have you hoppin over fences and benches Rock Stars and Smoking barrels prod Rza ft Gza and Inspectah Deck Rza: Gza's verse is about someone with 3 children who commits suicide. Deck comes in with a style that is so unpredictable he sounds like a whole new MC on that. The sonics just smack you in the face Scratch says: Live soundin instrumental and Deck's got an incredible double time flow on this one Kareem Khan Prod Rza and Justice ft. Gza Gza: I was going to see Raekwon and my son Justice was like, "Maybe I should play him some of my beats." That beat was the first or second beat he played for Rae. When I got to the studio that night Rae had already laid down his verse. It sounded so fat, so chunky that I had to get on it. Rae: I kept looking at Justice like, "you getting a check". Scratch says: Justice's tight drum programming proves that he's a prodigal son. No Matter how hard you Try prod Rza ft. Inspectah Deck Raekwon: I want to hear what a nigga do off an ill beat with just two drums on it. This is what I feel like the game is missing. People need to have some characters on wax instead of just being like they tough all day. That tough shit is weak, Be real, don't be tough Scratch says: Very skeletal beat. very simple drums. Very hot track.


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