Monday, December 26, 2005

Workin through the Holidays

I am alive.

Although I still have 2 days of work before a merciful 2 day vacation. Working retail through the Holidays (and I do mean straight through) is a perverse experience I wish on no one. There is no way to rationalize how mind numbingly annoying it is to be the only one working while the rest of the city/country/world is out getting drunk or relaxing. Hell, even you’re particularly brave like me and you are drunk at work in the first place, it’s nothing like the feeling of being able to chill out and not worry about things. Sure you’re getting overtime pay, but it’s not worth it, particularly since a small minority of people turn into 100% genuine assholes round X-Mas. My defense mechanism of course has been to abandon all human civility: yesterday I lied, warned, extorted, raised my voice and subtly threatened customers in order to get my way. It wasn’t pretty but it worked and I honestly don’t give a flying atomic burrito fuck about some peon who’s renting The Exorcism of Emily Rose on Christmas anyways.

Also interesting, porn rentals jump way up around Christmas so I’m guessing people get lonely when they don’t have an orifice to penetrate. Gay porn in particular was moving like crazy yesterday…I’m guessing some closeted cats couldn’t go see their family. My response? I don’t care, go fuck yourselves…oh you were gonna do that anyways? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

In more cheerful news, I have acquired almost every Wong Kar-Wai film released including 2046. I guess I’m missing In the Mood for Love but I’ll get it soon enough, plus it was never a favorite. What’s more important is that I can now play Chungking Express whenever I feel like it. Also acquired during X-Mas were 2 Hiphop related books, one of which I have already devoured. For this I am thankful

Finally, today is the 1 year anniversary of the Tsunami disaster. I know people who’ve been personally affected by this tragedy though luckily not in a serious way. Still, I’d like to invite everyone to take some time to be thankful for all the good things that they have in life and how lucky they are.

Yes, I know that’s contradictory after bitching about work, but what can I say? I’m thankful but I’m also very pissed the fuck off.

Happy boxing day cunts!



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