Sunday, December 11, 2005

Workin and consumin Donuts

I’m somewhat busy with Jamaica Inn after a bit of a break from working on it as I wouldn’t want to give in my work late. Heaven forbid.

I am listening to Dilla’s new record Donuts though. Well, the promo version that leaked recently that is. It’s a very dope record, the kind of thing that would only be possible through those crazy kids at Stones Throw so god bless em for keeping it progressive but soulful. Structurally, it reminds me of a less stoned take on Madlib’s Beatkonducta concept with a little more focus thrown in for good measure. This doesn’t mean you’re not getting a bunch of minute and a half song fragments that will never be used but at least you don’t feel that Dilla randomly riffled through his discs and called it an album (not that there’s anything wrong with Madlib doing that). Listening to this DOES make you wonder why Common is always picking Dilla’s absolute most sappy, boring material though.

In addition to Donuts, Dilla’s also got the second volume of his Welcome to Detroit series (tentatively called The Shining) on the way next year as well as a self-titled (compilation?) effort which by the guest list (Common, Q-Tip, D’Angelo, Talib Kweli) would indicate something a tad more neo-soulish.

Good to know the man’s on his grind and is recovering from his recent health issues. And between this Donuts album and Kankick’s album, I’ve got a bunch of beat tapes to zone out to until Madlib drops…whatever he drops next I guess.


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