Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Uh oh. Scott Kurtz got mad at the critics again.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually agreeing with Kurtz that there’s really no need for as much intellectual criticism of webcomics that the net provides, mainly because most of the strips I read aren’t that intellectual. Sure, it’s fun when someone points out something cool or unnoticed about Penny-Arcade or 8 Bit Theater but ultimately this is pretty lightweight material that doesn’t really require a whole lot of analysis. Now something like Gunnm, Berzerk or Sandman? THERE’S something for the comic nerds to write papers on: go ahead, I’d probably like to read the better ones. Unfortunately, that’s a) hard work b) likely been done by someone smarter than the average net writer c) the webcomic audience is composed of nerds who like to analyze things, many of which just finished college and have to do SOMETHING with that degree. Thus a couple of people are content to pick apart the funnies.

Guess what? Surprisingly few people care.

Really, how many people read these “webcomic journals” anyways? I barely read Tycho’s posts for a few years. I’m amazed at how brittle these guys egos get as soon as someone writes about them. Kurtz for example gave waayyyy more publicity to the man who bashed him than was ever thought possible. Maybe 5-10% of Kurtz’s target audience even gives a fuck yet there’s enough insecurity there to prompt a full on reply.

Scott Kurtz, you make your money doing what you enjoy doing and in my opinion you’re fairly good at it. When you try politics of anykind though, you end up looking like an insecure jack ass. If you’re so concerned about webcomic drama just ignore it like most people who read comics. Be the bigger man. The strategy is counter-intuitive for the internet generation which has become used to the instant and public reply, but it’s the best way to avoid all of this.

Oh, and as for the guy complaining about the complainers. How does it feel to be complained about by the guy who complained that you complained about him? Downright meta ain’t it?

So yeah, all of you people suck. Go back to drawing pictures with word bubbles.

Yes, I was totally lacking in subject matter today. The top 15 film list for 2005 is coming sometime or other depending on how I figure out how to write another 1200 words about Jamaica fuckin-shoot-me-why-did-I-choose-this-movie Inn.


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