Sunday, December 18, 2005

Thirstin Howl III vs Roger Ebert...on WEED.

I find myself without much to write about because I’m sure as hell not going to start my Hiphop top 10 list (which will make my film one look tiny in comparison) and my brain is currently rattled from excessive use of White Widow. Now I smoke a lot, but I’m not quite used to this high powered stuff and it certainly leaves me in a stupor to say the least. No biggie though as I’ll get used to it and be back up to snuff soon enough. In the meantime, here’s some entertainment:

Fuck You did a nice lil retrospective on Thirstin Howl III a couple of days ago. Thirstin was one of those rappers that I feel should have blown up to Redman/Method Man/Busta Rhymes level popularity in a just world but alas, the industry was divided between Ruff Ryders and Rawkus when he was coming out thus killing any chance that a clever, witty ex lo-life could get a deal. Still, his single Brooklyn Hardrock is a classic in my eyes the combination of broken logic punchlines, Galt MacDermot samples and that crazy British chick is still dope as fuck to this day. Whatever happened to that Brit anyways? She could make a major comeback considering she’d out Sovereign Sovereign.

Roger Ebert’s Top 10 list and mine share zero common films. This either means I have bad taste and should be beaten with a newspaper like a naughty puppy or I’m an avant-garde progressive on the forefront of what’s hot. While I’d like to think I’m the latter, it’s worth noting that Ebert’s entire list is American/Anglo which is a severe restriction nowadays to say the least. Also, my American picks are in the Jury prize section which as Ebert puts it: At film festivals, the "jury prize" is how some jury members urgently signal that this is the film they like better than the eventual winner. It's not second place but somebody's idea of first place. I dunno how this works out when the only person on the jury is Ebert but I’m betting that the arthouse critic in him liked those. Either way he’s got pretty much every good American film that came out this year on that page so that’s as succinct a reference as you’re likely to get for Hollywood 05.


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