Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sach’s end of the year international music mp3 bash

My two days of rest are treating me well; so well in fact that I’ve decided to give the ol’ blog a proper update. I’ve been bumping a variety of sounds and songs from around the world recently thanks to increased activity on my favorite sources of raer mp3s so let’s get right into a nice lil holiday mix for your New Years morning recovery.

Tomokawa Kazuki – Thank You for My Despair

A heavy track by the man last scene singing to the sound of chopped torsos in Izo, Thank You for my despair is over the top emotional acid folk in the best way possible, articulating pain, suffering and all that nasty stuff in a way that’ll have even the hardest of hard rocks feeling it. Tomokawa is apparently Japan’s answer to Bob Dylan though I’d personally qualify him closer to a mix between a surrealist, Tom Waits and ODB. Plus this one is en anglais for all of you Japanese-adverse music fans.

Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup – Jabberwock

Everyone has at least heard of Lewis Carol’s famous nonsense poem and some of the creatures/language held within but sadly too few people have heard a chance to hear it put to music: crazy, sitar laced psychedelic jazz-pop music at that. Pretty much a straight forward retelling of the story set to awesome mid 60’s  production, I can’t recommend this one enough.

Serge Gainsbourg – Cannabis (instrumental)

Serge Gainsbourg is best known as that perverted old man who just happened to make music, but this one thankfully comes sans creepy breathing and whispered advances. The theme of a movie by the same name, Cannabis is a big rockestral theme that could have only come into existence at a time when the world was busy marketing their stuff to hippies. Featuring awesome drum fills and a killer guitar line, it’s hard to hate.

I Wayne – Life Seeds

I honestly don’t know much about this one. Apparently part of the roots revival currently going on in Jamaica as we speak, I Wayne’s entire album is devoid of the heavy percussion, synthesizers and slackness prominently featured on the standard dancehall platter nowadays, instead featuring organic if clean instrumentation and lyrics chanting down Babylon. While he’s occasionally preachy as hell, if you’re like me you won’t be able to tell through the patois anyways so you might as well zone out and relax to his soothing sounds and leave the message to those who gwan listen. This opening track is honestly the only essential thing I’ve heard but the rest of the record works pretty well even if it could have been cut down by about 6 tracks. So burn a blunt and enjoy the good vibes. Seen.

Demon Fuzz – Disillusioned man

Demon Fuzz released an album called Afreaka. That should be enough to get you interested but for those who aren’t yet, here’s a soul-rock jam that could have been among Santana’s best early material, only without the self-agrandising guitar solos. Perfect world-rock music with a funky/jazzy jam thrown right in the middle.


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