Friday, December 02, 2005

Politic with rappers: 2 end to end burners

DJ Thoro – Ghostface Killah and Raekwon – The Prelude to Fishscale and Cuban Linx 2

New mixtape on the way from Ghost and Rae hyping up their respective albums and it’ll certainly tide you over until their highly anticipated 06 albums drop. The mix collects exclusives, recent overlooked guest spots (Sheek Louch, Lil Flip, Planet Asia, etc) alongside some choice mixtape/side project cuts and some back in the day joints. Glad to see personal back in the day banger dem want war by Rae get some shine: it’s a real shame that dude cursed his career with unfocused solo albums because he’s always been able to deliver a proper banger if given the correct backing material. Rza has claimed that Rae could have been very successful had he been Puffy’s artist and I tend to agree: dude just sounds dope over some jiggy NYC beats. Ghost meanwhile as Pitchfork actually accurately reported transcends relevance into a state of rhyme not unlike that of Kerouak or other poet laureates of their era. If you need an additional fix he rides shotgun on the recently released Trife da God album which is competent if not entirely memorable outside their collaborations.

Kankick – Seeing Spirits

Kankick is Madlib’s weirder, somehow more weed addled, cousin and an excellent and underappreciated producer in his own right. Following up last year’s Acid Massive Musical, Seeking Spirits is cut from a similar cloth, coming off less like a real album and more like something the stoned cali-producer made to entertain himself and that we’ve been privileged to get a copy of. Composed of esoteric beat loops, scratches, skits, spacey interludes and a couple of raps, Kankick continues to be the go to guy for background music to stare at the wall to. The day Madlib, OhNo and Kankick get together to make music together will be one hell of a day and with 2006 heavy with Stones Throw releases it’s only a matter of time before these guys end up in a studio one afternoon and put out some soul-jazz album with Dudley Perkins.


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