Friday, December 09, 2005

Killa Cam – Get em Daddy remix video

80% of the searches leading to my blog are Dipset related. This is somewhat scary because I never intended to go out and make myself Diplomats central but if that’s what the people want, then that’s what I’ll give them, today in video form. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m definitely looking forward to the Killa Season movie, for comedic value if nothing else. The idea of a rap musical has long gestated in the back of my mind and while this definitely won’t be the over the top Hollywood extravaganza I’ll hopefully make one day, it’ll still be a hilarious for the sex and violence if nothing else.

As for the video it’s pretty standard stuntin from the Dips. The track itself is more interesting than the visuals as it reduces the taxing posse cut of the original remix down to a more manageable combination of Cam’ron’s stellar post shootout verse and Hell Rell’s thuggery. Again, nothing unbelievable per see but these guys are probably reppin for NYC the hardest without pretending its 95-98 so props to them.


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