Sunday, December 04, 2005

Canadian politics, hippies and Hiphop

Dear Hong Kong...and Canada incidentally

Please don’t bother with the Democracy marches. It’s not worth the soles of your shoes. K thx. Seriously though, while 50K Chinese citizens are marching for the right to vote (and to party incidentally) I’ve got 2 elections in the next 2 months and everyday of the campaign makes me sicker. Stephen Harper in particular has proven himself to be pretty much the antithesis of all I believe in and the fact that this guy might actually run the country I live in raises bile in me. Hell, in the past two days alone he’s promised to get rid of gay marriage (why?), re-enforce outdated drug laws (idiot!) and cozy up to Bush (fuck that shit!). Of course the alternative being a bunch of lying Liberal party weasels doesn’t help even if it’s the lesser evil. Oh and let’s not forget the separatist option which will prevent a majority government anyways to minimal gain for Quebec: I LOOOVE that one. Hell, even the left wing NPD doesn’t really do much for me nowadays outside of Jack Layton’s frightening resemblance to Charles Foster Kane.

Please click on that Layton thing. I had to upload it and everything.

Seriously, at least all China does is allow toxic waste to run in rivers and exploding mineshafts. If that means the country can produce quality filmmakers than I think I’m considering a move to Beijing. Or more realistically, I’ll end up voting for the lesser evil or whatever will hurt Harper the most.

Rest in Peace John Lennon

4 days from now will be the 25th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death. In addition to being the best writer in the best band in Rock history (sorry Paul) Lennon was a great man of admirable politics and spirituality. I may dislike hippies, martyrs and icons but Lennon transcends that. RIP

Happy Birthday Jay-Z!

Today’s December 4th and thanks to the wonders of remixing I can smoothly segue from Lennon’s death to Jay-Z’s birthday. Isn’t that special? It’s weird to think that it’s been 2 years since Jay-Z’s last “real” solo album. Due to Hov’s cameos on damn near any beat of note in the past year it kind of feels like he never left. After all, between recording dear summer, cosigning Jeezy’s Go crazy and squashing his beef with Nas, the man’s been in the spotlight more than most active rappers! Still, if I was a betting man I’d say we’re getting a new Jay album this time next year. Trust me.

LL Cool J is hard as Hell! Battle anybody I don’t care who you tell!

Best opening lines ever? Not necessarily but pretty damn close. LL Cool J’s rap career hasn’t exactly been a very pretty thing for the past 10 years. Despite the occasional mixtape track where the man out raps pretty much anyone on earth, fans have been subjected to awful middle of the road albums, crappy comeback attempts, way too many slow jams (even by LL standards) and last year’s shitty Timbaland club track. Luckily, uncle L’s career seems to be on the up and up thanks to 2 new tracks that leaked online proving that not only the man can still rap, he can still kill it. The first one is Watcha Want featuring Freeway. Now Free is usually known for his rather excited demeanor but the man sounds positively thrilled to be rhyming with LL on this track. Cool J meanwhile keeps up flawlessly and the tag team rapping just goes to show you that when rappers actually collaborate instead of just throwing each other verses via e-mail, the results are that much better. Track number 2 is LL and Santana (the rapper not the singer) which is pretty much self explanatory. These tracks got me thinking that a Santana style (the singer not the rapper) album from LL where he collaborated with young emcees on each track would be ill as fuck right now. It would keep him on track and focused. Who knows…maybe it’d be the first time an LL cd would be worth scratch since 95’s Mr Smith.

Until then, both those tracks are available here


Anonymous Beek said...

LOL @ that Layton comparison

I'm probably gonna do what I did last election - spoil my ballot. It's the best way to say "None of the above"

3:12 PM  
Blogger Sach said...


Spoiling a ballot is a good way to make a point, particularly if the riding you're in is pretty much in the bag for any particular polititian. It certainly beats not voting at all which is fine if you're apathetic but not if you're angry.

The other option is a fringe party like the Greens or Marijuana Party. Although the fact that a party that promotes healthy living and the environment is "fringe" is a sad enough commentary as it is if you ask me.

Cheers on the comment.

10:46 PM  

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