Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Black People, Asian People, White People

Boondocks report Episode 105

Getting Samuel L Jackson to guest star on this show (as a white guy acting gangsta with Charlie Murphy’s Bush relative no less) was a genius move and I approve of the more storyline oriented direction the show’s going towards as opposed to let’s pick a topic like hoes or how black people defend R Kelly. The show really makes a lot more sense as African-American anime than as a topical humor based show because animation’s production time just can’t rollover quick enough to be relevant. Sure you can slide in a FEMA joke but when Jon Stewart can rip into things daily, than you kinda lack that edge. Best moment of the show? Riley hanging up on Tom in prison.

Memories of a Geisha unites China and Japan in mutual hatred of white devils.

Well kind of. Japan is justifiably pissed that one of their national icons (high class prostitutes) are being played by their historical enemies just because they all look the same to white people. China meanwhile is mad that somewhere a Chinese woman is pretend fucking a Japanese guy which is somewhat less rational but I’ll let it slide. The point is this: America has probably made another bad movie and the two nations should finally be able to find some common ground over this which can only bring good. I say let them remake Gone with the Wind with Asano and Faye Wong and fill it with anti-American slurs. That’ll teach the pale bastards.

Top 10 season has begun

Be forwarned, I will be uploading list upon list of things that I think rocked and sucked this year. Hopefully my first list will be done tomorrow but all things considered, the 3000 word take home I have my take first priority.


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