Sunday, November 27, 2005

WTF is a "Go team-" WHAOAH!!!!

The Go Team is something very good apparently, not unlike a piece of candy in the eyes of a 3 year old. I’ve become particularly enamored with their full length cd Thunder Lightning Strike and its mix of ultra-compressed Madlib-like sound quality and funky uptempo break beat music. This description makes The Go-Team sound like an instrumental Hiphop project and indeed it sounds like one, albeit an extremely “happy” one, but the truth is they’re actually an Indie rock band and are marketed as such. Go figure, this stuff would kill with the Def Jux/Stones Throw crowd but it’s never been marketed to them. Just another reason to break down the walls of music segregation and get this stuff played on your indie Hiphop mix shows if you ask me, but of course no one did.

Regardless, here’s their Ladyflash song in mp3 format. If this doesn’t invoke grade school flashbacks then you probably had a wack childhood or something. I’ll probably be back to update again tomorrow but then again since Videotron is slowly killing me I might not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awful description of this band.

More like a cover band for '80s high-octane TV themes.

I can't see this group being consumed by hip hop heads.

Regardless, absolutely great. "Junior Kickstart" and "Panther Dash" especially.

Please never compare them to Madlib ever again.

2:15 AM  
Blogger Sach said...

"More like a cover band for '80s high-octane TV themes."

Well If I wanted to write the exact same thing that Urb/Fader/Pitchfork and stylus wrote then I'd have gone ahead and wrote that. In the meantime in a world of shiny Pro-tools production both Madlib and these guys have got a dusty sound down. Checkout Sound Directions.

Thanks for reading though!

11:39 AM  

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