Friday, November 25, 2005

Winter Must Be Cold

Well, it’s officially too cold to use a bong outside.

I never thought I’d determine seasonal changes using that frame of reference, but never the less, the fact remains that it’s going to be strictly spliff smoking for me until spring comes around due to the harsh Canadian elements preventing proper use of a lighter. This is bad on several fronts ranging from time necessary for preparation to larger amounts of weed wasted, but there are other advantages such as shorter smoking times in the cold. I really need to get a smoke tolerant apartment and get rid of this issue once and for all. Then again I could probably just stop for a few months which is probably what’ll I do after the Christmas season. Not before though: I’m working this Christmas, a harrowing experience from which only copious drugs and alcohol can help me recover from. The marathon started unexpectedly early with my boss dropping four consecutive shifts on me for the weekend including a detestable Monday one; a most frustrating occurrence. Regardless, complaints will change nothing, but be forewarned that updates may be sporadic in the meanwhile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you need a smoke-tolerant apt, you can always come to my place and share the Christmas joy!


6:17 PM  

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