Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Are the Boondocks funny?

Yes they iz! The animated show on adult swim kicked it up another notch with the superb Trial of R. Kelly episode. Perfectly lampooning the masked psycho/singer, the episode had many notable moments with my personal favorites being Riley’s hilariously pissed off rant against Tom Dubois and the dance sequence at the end. Casting Adam West as the voice of the racially confusing white lawyer was genius and uncle ruckus and Grand-dad continue to entertain as side plots as well. Seriously, the show is some of the best animation on TV right now and that’s saying something considering Adult Swim’s lineup. Everyone should watch it so they can get a second season and hopefully introduce my favorite character from the comics, Caesar.

Uhhh…that was corny

What was up with the Youth correspondent thing on The Daily Show? Guys, you’ve already got the youth demographic. Who do you think is watching your show, the AARP? Actually, the guy was still funnier than Dan Bakkedahl, though not as funny as Nick Cordry (the funny must be genetic). What I object to is how contrived the whole segment was, although I guess that’s part of the joke. Still, my advice is to keep the correspondent and dismiss the segment. Make him feel like part of the gang if you will. Also, while we’re on the subject of new correspondents, I think we’ve got enough. Give us a little time to get to know them or something. It’ll help ease the not-quite loss of Colbert.

Colbert is funny!

I think The Colbert Report is finally catching its stride and is turning into a lean mean laugh-machine. Stephen is slipping up a lot less, feels more comfortable with the format and is finding a nice middle ground between his Daily Show personality and the more over the top punditry angle. His interview with Al Sharpton was particularly nice as well. Incidentally, I never really listened to Al Sharpton but he came off really well in that interview. Too bad the man has got that terrible hair, he could make a good president. My advice? Go with the fro.


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