Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Racial, sexual and political humor watch

Boondocks watch

The Boondocks continues to be the funniest cartoon on TV. Riley’s character in particular has been stealing the show with his outrageous yet oddly on point rants. Whether the subject is peeing on girls or hoes, he just gets it. The animation is great too with the anime look continuing to serve the show well. The only point of controversy among fans seems to be the voices. Regina King certainly voices the boys with a higher pitch than anyone expected but it’s really nothing weirder than say…Southpark and anyone willing to give it a chance would probably adapt fairly quickly to the vocal qualities. The guest voices meanwhile continue to be hilarious, Crystal and particularly A Pimp Named Slickback stealing the show this week. Outstanding stuff.

Sexylosers watch

Finally! One of the web’s funniest yet least updated webcomics has finally added a new entry. Not the greatest strip Hard’s ever done but certainly a welcome surprise after a couple of months of droubt. Here’s looking forward to more because if there’s anything I like, it’s humor with boobies. Wish that there were comics in this vein online but alas most e-cartoonists seem busy mimicking Penny-Arcade without the non-gamer relevance or 8 Bit theater without the clever writing.

Daily Show and Colbert Report…non watch

Guess there’s no shows this week. I guess this gives me the chance to finish up that Symphony I was always putting off. (5 points to anyone who recognizes the reference).


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