Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Political post


Is it just me or has the US Government situation become the most entertaining drama on TV? Let’s run down the list: judge appointments giving up, conservative judges replacing the quitters, Vice-presidential chiefs of Staff being indicted, Senate Majority leaders cracking shit-eating-grins for mug shots and finally, Rule 21. No, that’s not an ancient Sith directive to murder all of the Democrats to take control of the senate for a galactic empire (that’d be Order 66) but close. In actuality, the Democrats found a loophole letting them shut shit down and throw all of the cameras out for a special closed session of the Senate. This doesn’t seem to actually do anything but it’s a huge attention grabber and reminds the public that the Democrats are willing to pick a fight despite having control of absolutely nothing. Everyone’s wondering what the hell was actually said in there. I’m guessing everyone starts talking honestly and the 101 power hungry politicians become more evil than anything short of the alien. Jon Stewart meanwhile, suggested they just called each other poop-head. Eh, one’s as good as the other.

Speaking of Stewart, by pure coincidence the man got an exclusive interview with Barbara Boxer. She revealed that anyone who talks about what went on in there would be expelled from the Senate. Heavy Stuff. And since when did Jon Stewart begin to out scoop the actual media?

Colbert Report comes to Canada

Usually the arrival of an American pundit on Canadian TV would be pretty insignificant because we’re generally too smart to listen to those idiots up here, but Stephen Colbert may be the man to change that. Yes, the Report is set to debut on Canadian TV next Monday; a scant 3 weeks after its US run started. While I’m still puzzled by Colbert occasionally chocking on screen (he never did that before) it’s a funny show in its own right and my bandwidth will appreciate the rest as the torrents were really killing my upload capacity. As for the show’s success, I expect it to be successful despite the clearly American target audience. Why you may ask? Colber Reporr: the T is silent because it’s French bitch. That’ll go over well.

The only downside is that I’ll be going to bed half an hour later.


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