Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Klashnekoff - Beyond Grime

Been a couple of months since I mentioned Grime up in this blog, mostly because I decided to let some time pass and some album drops before I passed anymore judgment. A couple of months later, Kano and Roll Deep dropped sub-par albums, debates about Hiphop and dubstep beats have escalated and the best emcee out of London doesn’t even give a flying fuck about Grime claiming strictly Hiphop. Klashnekoff has been making moves in the UK for quite some time and recently released his DJ Skully assisted primer-mixtape Focus Mode to much positive attention from heads on both sides of the Atlantic. K-Lash doesn’t rhyme at 120+ BPM like most grime emcees and his accent isn’t nearly as thick as some of the Road dialect heard on grime mixes (AKA I can understand him) which is part of the appeal, but the man’s flow has got more going for it than comphrehensibility: it’s confident, flexible and stand’s out at least as much as Kano, Dizee or the other “big” UK emcees. The beat selection on his mixtape is on point as well: Wu-Tang meets Juelz meets Cunninlynguists (!!!) meets Jamrock.

So where does this even leave grime? At least Klashnekoff is honest about being a Hiphop emcee; I mean, he didn’t claim to be anything more or less. Some other grime emcees however have been disappointingly lazy in their beat selection recently, flowing road over average Hiphop beats in a bid for crossover attention. I guess it’ll be a couple of months/years to see if Grime develop into a self-sufficient form of music or another “bounce” or “crunk” like variant of hiphop crossed with yet another mutation of UK Jungle. In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying the tracks leaked to the net by those ever elusive blogs and websites, it’s hard to front on stuff like Reload it or I luv U when they’ve got more energy than damn near any American rap track this year. Come to think of it, as long as I get some of those, fuck an album. I’ll stick to the Rinsesessions discs…assuming I can find them online somewhere.


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