Saturday, November 26, 2005

Get well soon Dilla

This is a pretty serious update in my opinion because I hate to see talented people in unfortunate positions, but recently pictures have circulated around the internet of acclaimed Hiphop produced J. Dilla performing in London in a wheelchair. Anyone who’s followed the man in the past year knows he had to be hospitalized a couple of times and rumors were that he might take a turn for the worse. Luckily, that wasn’t the case and he even managed to produce a whole instrumental album in there, but the pictures of him that have emerged since haven’t pointed towards a man in the best of health. These latest shots are certainly worrisome, but once again, we’re being told not to panic:

"He has been sick for some time (his kidneys, no transplant needed THANK GOD !! ) and now he's on the come back. His health is improving daily - the LORD has truly blessed him. His NEW album THE SHINING is due out Feb 06 on BBE. Also a self titled album DILLA due Nov 06 featuring artist D’Angelo,Q tip,Common, Talib, and few more to name later. So the future looks bright for D - keep him in your prayers, he's working hard."

Good to know that it’s nothing that he shouldn’t recover from, but I’ll keep Dilla in our thoughts because lord knows he’s one of the more talented musicians of our generation and this is coming from someone who’s not even a huge fan of half his work (IE: anything “neo soul”, fuck you Common): the other half is that good.

If ever you’re looking for some of the man’s better work, his Welcome to Detroit album is a good starting point, as is his Jaylib collaboration with Madlib. His work stretches way back though with beats for cats such as Tribe and the Pharcyde as well as Slum Village, Busta Rhymes and De La Soul. In fact, here’s my favorite track he’s done for the later: Stakes is High which possibly stands as the best angry rap song of all time. And this is from a group of hippies. He’s that good a producer.


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