Thursday, November 24, 2005

Elementsor Lebowski Rhymes!


Those guys at Penny-Arcade really got me; or confused me rather. At first I had NO IDEA what the hell their Elementsor saga was about. Sure the comic strip mentioning it was totally ridiculous as was the accompanying newspost but then they started this huge fucking wiki and I started to think maybe this is real. After all, the stuff didn’t sound THAT far off from anything Robert Jordan would have written. You know what I’m talking about: sprawling 900 page books of epic fantasy that are released over a 15 year period but that can ultimately be summed up to the words LOTR rip-off. My personal favorites were Riftwar by Raymond E. Feist and of course Discworld but I digress; the point is it got so big that Wired got on the case and “blew the joke” although reports indicate I might be the only one who didn’t get it. Still, in about 4 days Penny-Arcade’s fanbase somehow managed to create a HUGE fantasy world with minimal time and effort. This says several things:

  1. I should probably quit my long delayed fantasy novel

  2. This stuff is fucking easy.

  3. At least geeks have a sense of humor because that wiki’s hilarious.

You couldn’t come up with a better fantasy spoof if you tried. Of course some elements are borderline retarded (Spaghetti plains?) but that’s to be expected and to be honest, I’d rather a good crude joke about this sort of thing than an actual serious instant fantasy wiki which would be just sad. I’d read through the whole damn thing but its non-linear nature prevents an accurate run through. That and I have 28 hours of work in 4 fuckin days thanks to videotron. I am growing to detesting this clerk job once again.

The Joy of Lebowski

I just felt like saying that The Big Lebowski contains the answer to all of life’s problems. I watched the recently released restored edition yesterday (complete with hilarious intro) and caught so many jokes that I’d previously missed on other viewings (was I drunk?) that I was literally doubling over in fits. I’ve previously said Woody Allen’s Love and Death is the funniest movie I’ve ever seen, well The Big Lebowski is officially in the same ballpark…man.

Busta Rhymes cuts off dreads

Wow. And it was conserved for posterity. Busta Rhymes without dreads is a weird thought. Back in 93-94 with all the Onyx looking baldheads ruling rap, Busta was that crazy kid with the long hair who could kill any guestspot. Ah well, maybe he’ll make a decent full length now. Either that or Dr Dre told him the Rasta-man look was unmarketable.


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