Friday, November 11, 2005

Cultivating ill will

Well at least I no longer feel guilt for downloading music now.

Compact discs (CD is an acronym?) from Sony records include a malicious program that invisibly installs itself onto your Pc, eats up hard drive space, tracks and reports web activity and generally acts like a total dick. And that’s the part it’s SUPPOSED to be doing. Additionally, installing the software opens up any windows based PC’s defenses against Trojan horses leading to viruses, pop ups, home invasion and gang rape. I’d mention how I’m never going to buy one of their products again but a quick look at the Sony Music website reveals that this record label has just about zero worthwhile acts anyways. Actually, they’ve got a shitload of people signed there and I’m not going through their roster one by one, but I’m fairly sure I can live without them now that Nas is leaving their label. Besides, if I really want something I’ll get it for free, online in a way that doesn’t destroy my system.

Newsflash to record labels: punishing the customer with a worse experience than the illegal option is a not a good way to make money.


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