Saturday, November 12, 2005

A cornucopia of soul sounds...

I’m a messy person by nature. I mean, as long as I know where my stuff is I don’t really care if the particular place that it’s lying around at the moment is the floor. If it were up to me my entire room would look something like Tony Leung’s apartment in Chungking Express, pre-Faye Wong. My computer is no different and thus, once a year I take upon the Herculean task of organizing all of my mp3s which are lying around the desktop, in Zip files, in shared folders and generally anywhere on the hard drive where there’s no p0rn. The last time I did this was when I got my Ipod but that thing was flimsy and thus the itunes inspired order quickly fell to the wayside. It wasn’t perfect anyways because quite frankly I don’t always want my stuff sorted by Artist/album etc. As I sorted album upon album’s worth of music I realized that there was a lot of stuff which I WANTED to listen to but didn’t find time to due to its placement in my stuff. Soul music in particular really didn’t fit my complete album format for several key reasons. While I’m likely to suffer through album length rock works for art’s sake since they were designed in a specific way, most soul albums I listen to (Marvin Gaye no withstanding) were conceived as a collection of unlinked songs, some of which I like, some of which I don’t. Often times the 45 RPM single was the format of choice for the music, later compiled into collections on CD and then downloaded onto my PC. This thus leaves me the Herculean task of UN-compiling hundreds of funk-soul songs and getting rid of the stuff I don’t like and keeping that which I do. It’s long, though not necessarily grueling even if by the end of a session I’m actually pretty sick of the sweet sounds of Detroit, Memphis, Philly and romance in general. Meanwhile, even if I give rock a free pass, there’s no reason that I should wait until the urge strikes me to listen to a Kinks album in order to listen to sunny afternoon or Waterloo Sunset. So what do I do? Copy those songs a second time into a singles folder? Isn’t that a waste of space? Oh the choices…

As of now I’m starting to get some sort of new system in place but it’s far from perfect

Album folders

80’s 90’s Hiphop
The main problem here is that I’m very liberal about the term “80’s 90’s” depending on the “sound”. Ghostface and Nas for example have all their albums placed here. But Jay-Z and Outkast because of their later day success get placed in 00’s Hiphop does that make sense? Probably not but I try and place all the grimy albums here.
00’s HiphopAs stated above, a lot of earlier stuff ends up in here. Plus what am I supposed to do about Grime now? Does it fit in here or do I open a new folder? All I listen in Grime is singles anyways…
60’s 70’s Folk Blues Psych-rock popBasically if hippies listened to it or it still gets play on classic rock radio, it belongs here. Not too much trouble with this one, though there’s a lot of albums that should be trimmed down and who’s good songs should go into the singles folder.
80’s 90’s 00’s Alt-Rock new wave indie etcNow this one is just way too vast. 30 years of rock music in the same folder. And is Bjork even rock music? What do I do with the 60’s sounding stuff like Elephant 6? Fuck it, I just through in everything made post 79 and hoped for the best here.
90’s 00’s Triphop instrumental downtempo ElectronicaComputer music. This one isn’t so complicated because I don’t listen to that much beat music compared to other people. God forbid I actually start listening to any dance music though.
Film Scores, Game Music, soundsSelf explanatory, but plenty of film scores include rock music. Or should be reduced to singles. Needs expansion on one front and breaking down on another.
Funk SoulExplained in the opening paragraph. Way too much filler and badly organized
JamaicaAgain, stuff that should be broken down into singles.
Then I have 3 singles folders that I’ve built up this week: Rock, Hiphop and Soul. I try and place everything in the folder most appropriate.
Now excuse me, I’ve got sorting to do before work starts…


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