Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You damned if you don't. You damned if you do.

Ugh. What a shitty day. Terrible terrible day. Not much to say but since I’ve got it on loop anyways, here’s Malice’s verse from Ultimate Flow. Truer words have not been said and it’s a track that has a meaning that definitely goes beyond their cocaine smuggling into the universal human condition.

All the money in the world and I ain’t fulfilled/
Then what could be missing? I mean the wrist’s on chill/
The neck all frozen I should feel like the chosen/
Waterfront home overlooking the ocean/
All these shoes, one should be humored and amused/
But more often than not I find myself confused/
Walking down the block and still I feel/
As if I’m nothing more than a hamster in a wheel/
Enough with the women they don’t see past the chain/
I don’t see past their ass, 2 can play at the game/
Got to thank god for cain/
I guess that’s the twist/
cuz if I never sold my rhymes’ sound like this/

You know…I’d just be standing here looking funny, nothing to say.

It’s like a double edged sword: A catch 22
You damned if you don’t You damned if you do.


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