Monday, October 10, 2005

Work day blues...

A personal, more emo post from me as opposed to entertainment news that (mostly futilely) tries to find an audience? For shame.

I started my old job at Super Club Videotron today. I quit the job impulsively last year when a new manager came in vowing to reach for the greener pastures of an actual repertoire club. The only problem was that the repertoire clubs and I couldn’t make things work and I thus spent a year off blissfully drinking, smoking and spending away all the cash I hoarded up (I keep my expenses low) and the little income I made through contracts and other dubious activities. Last August however the reality stopped matching the digits in the ol’ bank account and thus I went to apply for my job back which I figured would be easy considering a) the manager I dumped like a bad habit was already gone b)I kept close contact with my former coworkers. Didn’t quite work out but they got me a spot at another one a few blocks down the road. Suits me fine.

Working in a video store is surprisingly annoying and unglamorous nowadays. People imagine it being this idyllic job where future Kevin Smiths and Quentin Tarantinos can hone their craft. Sadly, corporate America (or Quebec in my case) squashed that dream long ago and there’s always SOMETHING to keep you busy in one of these places. I heard that one of my repertoire friends gets to actually watch movies there on Sundays. I can only dream. Still, I actually like the people who work there (after one day anyways) and it’s not mentally taxing work which lets me save my precious energy for other things. I’m still zonked out at the end of the night (hence this cheap post) but what can one do?

The weirdest thing about this whole situation is that my brother works at a Corner Store. My life is pretty much Clerks.


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