Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The single riskiest website ever.

If you’re feeling brave, check out Then check out several testimonials posted online including sponsorship of several major festivals if you think I’m a blithering idiot.

So you’re telling me there’s a website that will discreetly send me weed through the mail in Canada now? And it’s been operating for 3 years without getting shut down? And they do bubble hash??? Wow, I’ve never been gladder to live in a progressive society such as ours. The war on drugs has been practically won…by drugs that is.

That said; excuse me for being the slightest bit paranoid. I mean using the government’s postal service to ship your stash is, how should I put this…risky. I’m not so much worried that it’d never make it here (though I’d be pissed) as having a bunch of cops at my parents place. That would not be a fun time. Still…3 years…and they’ve never had a problem…it’s tempting. Of course it’s not perfect. The prices are pretty steep but you get what you pay for: you try finding BC bud in Quebec. Incidentally, if you DO find some, tell me.

Anyone got cojones bigger than mine (or a safe address/PO box) and is willing to try this out? Someone with an aunt who might be slow in the head and not notice we’re using her place to receive buds by mail? Ah who am I kidding? Chances are I’ll end up on a government watch list by December misfiled in the Al Qaeda section and extradited to the US for mandatory butt-rape in their prisons like Marc Emery.

Also, incidentally, if the person who is currently getting me stuff reads this, don’t get mad (seriously), I’ve got a one track mind and landed on the website will researching topics for blogging. I swear!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's allright. I won't take it personally... I mean, you can look, just as long as you don't touch!!!! haha!

9:04 PM  

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