Monday, October 17, 2005

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When competition gets out of hand...

In local news, scrappy if pointless PQ candidate Pauline Marois has revealed that she inhaled pot once, but didn’t like it when she was 19. Wow, I’m shocked and appalled. Not because she smoked but because this is even more desperate and senseless than it looks. Never mind the fact that the only reason this shocking information was revealed was because of André Boisclair’s surprising success following details of his cocaine consumption in the 80’s; doesn’t this only reinforce Marois’ little old lady image? Everyone has tried weed once and those that didn’t are serial rapists in my opinion. I mean, tried it once and didn’t like it? You weren’t a very popular kid in school were you Pauline? Plus, you can’t one up the competition by going one lower; you need to change the game! If I were running for PQ candidacy (like that’ll ever happen) I’d immediately stake my claim by saying that just last month I nearly overdosed on black tar heroin after a coprophilic three way with two 12 year old male prostitutes which I later killed in rage. THAT would clearly set me apart from the competition.

Not Def like WHUT!! But deaf like what?

Brace yourselves…Foxy Brown has gone deaf. That’s actually sad news and while I was never a Foxy fan I must say that I feel bad for anyone who loses their livelihood, much less their hearing in such a cruel way. It kind of reminds me of the underrated Woody Allen film Hollywood Ending in which a director goes blind right before he shoots a movie. Of course it turns out to be totally senseless and flops but luckily the French love it, saving the picture. Except I don’t think France will want to listen to off-key Foxy records.

MF Doom and Ghostface Killah – Swift and Changeable

Apparently that’s the name of the new album title as revealed in Mass Appeal magazine. Pretty cool although I still liked Dr. Zizmor better as a potential name. It was weird, local and the kind of thing that promised much strangeness. Meanwhile we can expect the album to drop in spring of 06’ regardless of title after Ghostface’s Fishscale and hopefully the Doom produced John Robinson Project.

X-Men teaser stinks up internet

Ugh. I liked the Rush Hour movies as a teenager and as indicated in my Jay-Z review, stuff from that period holds nostalgic value for me. Still, Brett Ratner is a horrible choice to direct X3. The X-Men films were one of the only comic book franchises I actually liked on the big screen and I was tremendously disappoint when Bryan Singer left the series for the comparatively boring Superman franchise but Ratner is just twisting the knife. I really hope I’ll be surprised by this but I doubt it.

So yeah, there’s a shitty non-teaser on the internet. I won’t bother linking to it.


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