Monday, October 24, 2005

The music of Business

A massive, three-page article about indie pop: Why now?

Usually I loathe lengthy articles as they tax my ADD raddled brain, but kudos on this giant history of Twee Rock. A highly informative look back on how the scene evolved in both the UK and America, the article answers most of my questions pertaining to why I was surrounded by creepy 12 year old looking kids who couldn’t dress on a sugar rush at the Of Montreal concerts I went to. It also reassures me that I don’t have to be one of them to enjoy the music and it’s perfectly fine for me to piss those kids off by smoking blunts at their innocent concerts and enjoying the whole thing in a post-modern drugged out way. Thank god. I’d hate to find out that going to an E6 show (which isn’t even actually Twee) included mandatory castration.

Meanwhile, in the far more macho world of Hiphop music Killa Cam is not only going to be fine but he also dropped a couple of nuggets of wisdom on the world. This dude is seriously the Hiphop Jay of Kevin Smith fame: every word out of his mouth is absolutely insane yet he somehow says it so nonchalantly and innocently that it somehow justifies itself in the grand scheme of things as he has no tangible moral barometer. These ones aren’t so bad though:

"I got shot three times and my album comes out Nov. 22,"

Now if that isn’t making lemonade out of lemons I don’t know what is. I guess getting shot IS the thing to do if you want to move records. What’s even more incredible is that I think he moved the release date up to build on the press and momentum he got from this whole shooting. Crazy.

Meanwhile, MF Doom (with whom Cam needs to work with. Seriously, their styles would work out damn well and Cam over Doom beats would be crazy. You heard it hear first.) has about a bazillion projects coming out and shed some light on a few of them in recent interviews. First up, his album with Ghostface is practically done and is now titled Swift and Changeable. While the title is kind of shitty, at least it’s due for release relatively soon; next spring to be precise. Additionally, he’s got a whopping 7 beats on Ghost’s new Def Jam solo release which should provide him some healthy cash flow and a little major label shine come December. After that, it’s on to the long awaited Madvillain sequel which is possibly the only thing that could out-do Ghostface collaborations. No word on what to expect from that but hopefully it’s more of that experimental craziness that worked so well the first time. In between that The John Robinson project should finally drop, that’s Lil Sci from Scienz Of Life on the rhymes and Doom on the beats in case you lost track and a Dangerdoom tour is also in works.

But wait! There’s more! Doom also has a sequel to that Dangerdoom project planned, this time rhynmed from the perspective of actual Adult Swim characters which gives me hope that it’ll be a little more focused than the original. Oh, and there are still plans for the KMD album. Some day.


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