Friday, October 07, 2005

Killa Season trailer released to the Public!

Here’s something you’re unlikely to find on Ain’t it Cool News. The trailer for Cameron Giles’ ambitious directorial debut, a new gangster movie called Killa Season, has leaked to the internet. Shot on MiniDV for extra authenticity, the film goes deep into the lives of the everyday criminal in the streets of Harlem showing the drug trade, the shootouts and the love-hate relationship of existence on the fringes of society. I predict big things for Mr. Giles as he has a particular knack for directing both dialogue and action scenes and twisting film form into something totally unexpected. Like a young Goddard…

Ok no stop. It’s a shitty rap movie. But it’s directed by Cam’ron and it looks REALLY funny.

One of my guilty pleasures last summer was actually watching State Property 2 by Dame Dash. My friends and I theorized that somewhere in Asia right now, an equivalent to Quentin Tarentino was watching that and finding it amazingly cool in a way that us blazé North Americans could never comprehend. I mean, our Quentin loves even the cheapest of Kung Fu but in Asia that’s pretty common so we figured the reverse might apply with these kinds of films. Still, at least there was something to latch onto in Dash’ film: it used every AVID editing technique possible and generally looked slick and professional, much like his rap records. Cam’ron’s Killa Season however looks like it was shot on a handy Cam over a weekend in an effort to make fun of rap movies. I mean look at that thing, it’s ridiculous. The opening “seriousness” gives way to hilarity by the first bottle to the head and from what I gather in the trailer it’s just chaotic scene after chaotic scene with cats that have NO IDEA HOW TO ACT. The shoot out scenes (and there seem to be a lot of them) are my favorite as a ridiculous number of a bullets and blood are seen flailing on screen (surprisingly well done too!). Oh and a guy gets a box of rats dumped on him. The sad part of all this? It looks like it was done by people who have no clue on how to make a movie but it’ll probably come out more entertaining than half of Hollywood’s releases and most of the arty student films at my school. Gotta love that Dipset.

Don’t expect this in theaters any time soon, as much like Cam’s music this will probably be sold straight up off the streets of Harlem and then legit DVD. I won’t lie though, I’m going to give this a listen when it leaks to Bittorent for the simple fact that it looks like the cheapest, funniest b-movie to come out of rap in a long time. KILLA!


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