Saturday, October 22, 2005

Filler (and Wu-Tang)

Forgive the lack of updates. One could say I was busy fending off actresses and preoccupied with my male modeling. I shit you not.

In the meantime, here’s an interview with the RZA about Asian Culture. I don’t know when the RZA officially became the most articulate man in Hiphop but he seems to be enjoying the role quite a bit with these frequent lectures and interviews. I won’t complain because he’s quite a bit better than KRS-ONE was at the job, mostly because he’s not insane. The most notable information in the interview is about RZA’s directorial ambitions and his film Iron Fist. I sincerely think the guy could be a good martial arts director. I mean, he has the passion and lord knows he understands the material, let’s just hope he gets a good team behind him because I’d really like to see be able to see the man behind my favorite album of all time release a kick ass movie.

In the meantime, turns out that he’ll be in charge of the long awaited Cuban Linx sequel and will contribute 90% of the beats with Dr Dre and Nottz contributing the rest. So what about all that material Raekwon recorded with other producers? The Vatican Volume 1 should provide all of that.


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