Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Clipse are killing it

I reviewed We Got it for Cheap vol2 a couple of weeks ago but I’d like to say that the album has quickly revealed to be even doper than I gave it credit for at the time. Seriously, as a collection of songs it’s literally the hardest album out there in 2005 by a long shot and  nothing is going to even TRY to come close as even the hardest of G-Unit “gangsta” rappers have senseless R&B ballads or other light hearted material on their albums. The Clipse don’t mess around: they are here to fuck up sucka emcees, their coke dealing competition and pretty much everyone in their way. It’s definitely a nice throwback to that period in rap where Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and other rappers sounded dangerous as opposed to just cocky swaggering types. In addition they literally chose every hard rapper’s shining beat and proceeded to rip it better, all on the same album. Seriously, who on the east coast (or west coast for that matter) is going to top Put it on the Game, Mic check, Hate it or love it, Cobra, the Corner, I’m a Hustla, Daytona 500, One Thing and Neptunes beats to round it off? No Game, Juelz, Mobb Deep, Cassidy or even Common can outrhyme Malice and Pusha on those beats and the nod to classic Wu-Tang is a sign of good taste. The fact that they just keep back to back rhyming with huge verses is fun as well: there’s nothing more boring than the standard 16hook16hook16hook formula nowadays. I’d rather just hear these guys doing this than I would damn near anything, the only thing that could possibly improve it is a eliminating a couple of Sandman and Liva verses but I can live with that compared to say, J-Hood or some other asinine cat. And Ultimate Flow is probably one of the dopest tracks this year. If I’m Shawn Carter (which sadly, I’m not) I’d immediately sign these guys to Def Jam. These cats is finna blow something huge with the right promotion.

Meanwhile, Pharell is shaping up to be a respectable rapper in my book. Dude’s got a nice flow, a unique voice and he’ll undoubtedly have incredible beats. Dude’s solo over Outkast’s Me and You is pretty weird though: what’s up with the whole rock sampled beat interlude in the middle of the track? Still, performances like Twista’s Lavish and his own I can have it like that have me anticipating the album. That makes it one of the 3 releases I still want to hear this year along with Ghostface and Outkast. Unless Busta Rhymes gets a release date, I’ve pretty much heard everything of interest that has a chance of coming out this year. Juelz’s shit sadly seems to be taking a turn for the wack as stuff from his album leaks out. Word of corny club tracks and poor beat choices are floating around which is disappointing considering his potential. I’m guessing the collabo album and/or mixtape with Young Jeezy finally give us a listenable release from the kid.

Rant over.


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