Friday, October 28, 2005

The Boondocks, Jay-Z, Nas and Clerks 2

The Boondocks coming to Adult Swim!

I’ve been terribly distraught ever since Dave Chappelle called it quits. Well, actually I was just kind of bummed out but it still sucked that such a great show had to bite the bullet so early on with nothing to replace it. As the late 80’s Hiphop generation comes into power though it seems that there are going to be more and more shows proudly representing for the kind of militant yet funky ethos that was so prevalent in rap until mid 90’s. My pick for the next big success? Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks of course. Based on the hilarious comic strip of the same name, the show will follow Huey, Riley, Granddad and (I assume) the cast of supporting characters in what looks to be another great animated show (fuck those TV dramas, cartoons are where it’s at!). While the comic strip took a turn for the politico-topical post 9/11, from what I see in the trailers the show will lean towards more episodic and situational humor. Either one’s good for me assuming they keep the content raw and uncut which shouldn’t be too much of a problem considering the strip already gets printed in publications that find the word “heck” offensive and it’s being aired on Adult Swim. Anyways, you can find the trailers here and here respectively.

Jay-Z and Nas squash beef

Finally! Jay-Z versus Nas stands as one of the few worthwhile Hiphop beefs this millennium and probably the only one with tracks that are still worth playing out past their due date, but it was time for them to officially squash it and move on to bigger and better things. It’s not as if there was a ton of successful mid 90’s eastcoast rappers running around so unity is pretty important. So important in fact that despite hyping up the show as his I declare war concert, no shots were fired and Jay-Z declared that All that beef sh--is done. Still, let’s see…he had Nas AND The Lox on stage with him? Somewhere right now 50 Cent is mad as fuck that he DIDN’T get dissed. Now he can either renege on his guilty by association promise, letting it slide because he knows he can’t match up with Jay and/or Nas OR he can diss Jay-Z and have his career ended. It’s not the kind of choice that can be made over one’s cup of morning coffee. Besides, isn’t it time that Fiddy-mania ended already? The guy is like the black Fred Durst to 2pac’s black Kurt Cobain (or was Cobain white Pac?) and it’s only a matter of time before his fan base goes off to college and realizes how fucking retarded this guy sounds. Let’s just hope they don’t all start listening to the Black Eyed Peas instead.

Kevin Smith leaks Clerks 2 stills

Actually these may have been out for a while. I don’t know. I don’t think the 24 hour news networks consider anything about this film breaking news. So anyways, Kevin Smith leaked new glossy stills from his Clerks sequel. I’m very much afraid this movie will suck because I actually like Kevin Smith. Some people find his everyman shtick trite but to me he’s really just the fan that had the talent and determination (and luck) to get where he is and one should not spit on that. Of course, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was absolute proof that in-jokes have their limits and Jersey Girl was Disney level trash but everything before that was genuinely (if not technically) good. Had the guy REALLY wanted some sort of cred with that kid flick though he should have done it ala David Lynch’s Straight Story with manipulative hidden elements; that would have been fun. Back to Clerks 2 however, it just looks too…clean. Clerks worked because it was vital and real. These stills look like a movie done by a successful director who has lost his way amidst constraints by the Weinsteins. Still, hopefully it’s in touch with youth today and comes out a winner because lord knows there’s a LOT of material to draw from in today’s job market. I work at a big corporate video store chain and trust me if Kevin Smith worked where I do now he’d NEVER have had the chance to get anywhere. You can’t sit and discuss Star Wars. You can’t watch movies. You certainly can’t do nothing on company time. Of course I did all of the above tonight but only because I’m that cool. My point is that the mom and pop shops of Kevin’s 80’s have been replaced by an even crueler and more inhumane beast and someone needs to speak on this. Might as well be the guy who talked about it the first go around.

EDIT: Clerks 2 pics were obviously from the marked date of October 24th. I am of teh dumb.


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