Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Ghostface – Be Easy (prod Pete Rock) online!

And there was much rejoicing.

Ghostface’s first single Be Easy off his upcoming album Fishscale has officially leaked and it is FIRE. Considering his past 2 attempts were the cheesy if heartfelt Never be the same again and the awful Tush this is pretty monumental news and bodes well for the full length which is set to feature production by MF Doom, Nottz and Pete Rock (the man behind this joint). Mr Rock seems to be in the middle of a career resurgence (don’t call it a comeback) with Jim Jones making good use of G’s up and now Ghost copping his first single from the grizzled veteran. I’m certainly not one to complain as Be Easy features a sparse drum break punctuated by horn punches forming a perfect track for Tony Starks to go absolutely bananas over. There’s not much of a hook (4 bars) but the “get on the floor” instrumental bridge is catchy enough and this is really more of a New York anthem for real heads than a pop single so it definitely works. As for lyrics? It’s Ghost dammit! Of course it’s dope, even if he’s not putting forth his hardest shit for the single.

Consider me hyped. Fishscale drops in December.


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