Saturday, September 17, 2005

Les News Random

Bowie joins Arcade Fire onstage

And the crowd goes wild!

Seriously, David Bowie, who musically hasn’t really been all that relevant since 1984 but who basically owned the 70’s front to back, has taken a liking to Montreal’s great musical hope, so much so that he was quoted as saying "I told them I'd only do it if they got Arcade Fire to perform. They're fantastic." That’s high praise indeed, although it’s certainly no coincidence considering that Win Butler’s band owes a heavy debt to Bowie’s dark, painful yet detached brand of experimental rock music. Personally I STILL haven’t figured out what the big deal is but I vow to again download their Funeral album in an attempt to learn to like them. After all, it’s pretty embarrassing to be from Montreal and not care one way or the other about the hottest local export.

Jay-Z to sign Lady Sovereign to Def Jam?

So says the rumor mill.

It seems like Grime’s self-appointed munchkin has caught the ear of President Carter and may make her North-American debut under the label that once housed her spiritual ancestors the Beastie Boys. Typically, the internet coughed up a lung in protest as Sovereign is about as far from standard Hiphop as can be, but I maintain that she’s miles ahead of similar hipster material like M.I.A or Ms Dynamite in that she’s funny and doesn’t act like a self-righteous twat. Not saying my mind won’t change, but let’s just say I’d rather hear her than Aztek.

Jay-Z news part II: electric boogaloo.

In addition to buying Beyonce stuff, signing white British girls and taking an interest in surprise success Young Jeezy, Jay-Z has apparently caught the artist bug and will be headlining concerts in NY and Philly with the criptic note that they might not be the last Jay-Z shows this year. In addition, Hova has “declared war” on those who’ve been dissing him promssing to end careers on those NY and Phily stages. While we don’t know exactly whom he’s talking about, it’s safe to say that Jim Jones will be getting his comeuppance and that The Game should probably rethink his position and apologize to the Young Gunz...

In addition, rumors have been floating around that Hov may be planning to release a showcase album ala Dynasty, using his name to showcase some of the upcoming talent he’s developing at Rocafella. While I’m as hyped for a new Jay album as anybody, I can’t help but feel that his new Roc lineup is…not quite ready for the big time yet. Let’s see here: Memphis Bleek is a never will be, the Young Gunz just got herbed by an actor from Next Friday, Peedi Crack and Freeway are ill but won’t sell and lack the direction that State Property afforded them and adding the rest of the Def Jam new recruits would just water the album down. Sure another Jeezy and Jay-Z collabo would be interesting but it won’t work as a whole album. If you’re going to make a comeback Jay, do it right.

RZA/MF DOOM collaborative single to drop next week.

While MF Doom and Wu-Tang always seemed like perfect fits, we’ve had to wait until 2005 for them to actually work together. The first public result was The Mask off the Dangerdoom album which featured Ghostface Killah stepping his rhyme game back to prime form and causing the internet to wet its collective pants. Well strap on your depends because Biochemical Equation, a collaboration between MF Doom and the RZA is set to leak to the net in little less than a week. The track is the lead single for Dreddy Krueger’s Wu-Tang meets Indie Culture album and is produced by RZA in what hopefully turns out to be a monumental event and not a throwaway. I got to say I have faith that this will be ill though: Wu-Tang has been on an up-streak recently and Doom tends to bring the best out of everybody. Expect the Mp3 on this site as soon as humanly possible.


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