Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Japan stops caring about Hollywood celebs

In a shocking display of tardiness for such a forward looking country, Japan has finally jumped on the Asian culture bandwagon, succumbing to Anime, Nintendo, Takashi Miike and the other wonderful err… no wait lemme start over.

Actually, in all seriousness, it seems that Hollywood stars no longer command the same respect over there as they once did and Japanese advertisers are now going with Korean celebrities for their wacky po-mo TV commercials. This is actually relatively big news considering Japan once…you know…INVADED Korea and Korean immigrants have systematically been discriminated against in that country for years. Hopefully their love of dreamy Korean actors will teach them to accept other cultures. More specifically ones without an aggressive military history like their beer-brewing technique providing friends the Germans and their Honda buying ex-enemies the US.

On the subject of Asian entertainment, I’m amazed at how old white people around here treat it all as the same thing. The same people who could go on for hours about the subtle cultural distinctions of regions within a European country such as France or Italy suddenly assume everyone east of India has the same mentality, watches the same thing and acts the same way. It’s pretty ridiculous as how out of touch boomers are when it comes to Asia so it’s no surprise that they’re freaking out over China. Personally, I’m not too worried; the worst thing that can happen is that we run out of dinosaur bone based fuel faster than we anticipated. As for a world cultural takeover, I must admit that mainland China doesn’t do much for me entertainment wise beyond the Beijing film academy, but they’ll always have Hong Kong which while kind of boring nowadays isn’t much worse than Hollywood. Besides, with Korea and Japan unlikely to stop with the awesome movies for some years to come, I’ll have stuff to watch for years. Not that the language will make a difference to people around here.


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